I’m a specialist in automation, microservices, and cloud development. I have experience with designing large system architectures, helping with technology and business strategy, and have had the privilege of serving as a trusted technical advisor to senior leadership. Throughout these opportunities I had built the architecture, platforms, and SLDC processes from scratch.

Most of my pre-industry life had been spent waiting tables. During this time I learned the importance of customer service and empathy. As it is in any job there were many difficult times and difficult customers. These experiences have provided me with an important lesson: behind any situation there is a story I am not aware of, and, in the end, every problem ends as a human problem. The people skills cultivated during this time has been invaluable in ‘making things work’.

During the time in ‘the industry’ I have learned some new lessons:

* we’re all in this together — teams are good ways to organize people, but THE team is the whole company

* design is always worth it — thinking before developing, especially with a diverse group, is the best way to save time

* automate all the things — people can do more when they are doing less, so stop the busy work

* to fail is to learn — taking educated risks is the best way to cross the line between status-quo and genius

* your win is my win — setting people up for success through training, mentoring, and being available for them rewards everyone